Jan 29

Oat Licorice, 100% of the wheat is replaced with oat!


Makulaku’s new super release is 100% oat licorice is remarkable release in candy industry. The wheat powder normally used on licorice is compleatly replaced with oat powder. This has been done without any loss of the original black licorice tasty flavour. Makulaku’s Oat Licorice is black licorice made of 100% of finnish oat that has the same rich taste of traditional black licorice!


Makulaku’s Oat licorice is fully vegan. There has been used no animal origin products. Licorice made with traditional boiling method which guarantees tasty first class black licorice taste!

For retailers

Sales lot: 21 bags
Bag size: 200g
Out in 1/2020