Makulaku has been developing liquorice products already since 1994. The taste has always been the guiding light of our product development, which has resulted in a happy and colorful world of flavors, offering the consumers besides the traditional black liquorice, a fascinating new range of flavor combinations.

The major strengths of Makulaku is the knowledge and the product development of liquorice. In 1997 Makulaku launched the first black organic liquorice to the international markets. In the year of 2011 Makulaku was once again the first company to introduce a new product range comprising a choice of organic filled liquorice. Our goal is to continuously develop new and to improve old.

We strive to get our products as fresh as possible to our consumers and, therefore, an immense part of the production is made directly for delivery. Some products are even delivered directly from the factory to the store shelves.

The flavor is the most important, but the quality of the products and our services is the cornerstone to everything we do. It is a matter of honor for us to ensure that every time you eat a piece of Makulaku liquorice you have a first-rate experience. We use high-quality, carefully tested and natural ingredients that have been selected in conjunction with our long-term suppliers. The natural ingredients that we use do not contain azo dyes.

The liquorice manufactory in Porvoo is new and environmentally friendly. For example, geothermal energy is used for heating up the factory. We use a certified BRC food safety management system. The production is also certified organic.

With continuous development we strive to provide even better service to our trade partners and even more enjoyable moments for the consumers.